The Facades Of Gods
A 90's Noir Actual Play and Audio Drama Podcast Using The Accelerated Fate System
3 years ago

S1E5 - Station D7

Fate Accelerated Actual Play Noir Drama

The trio have arrived at the station but it seems Lloyd has given them the slip. Jada grapples with cognitive dissonance while pushing to find answers. Giselle fancies this whole thing an elaborate charade but plays along for the time being. Clarence, however, finds that he's not entirely out of his element. Where has the group stumbled into? What strange help can they get in this wild place? And what is wrong with the clocks? Listen in, and hold on tight.

Music Utilized:

"Division","Babylon","Loopster","Dreams-Become-Real","Leaving Home" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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