The Facades Of Gods
A 90's Noir Actual Play and Audio Drama Podcast Using The Accelerated Fate System
3 years ago

S1E8 - Spare the Rod

Fate Accelerated Actual Play Noir Drama

Jada is on her way to the entrance of The Elsewhere. That call was unhelpful but at least the ringing has stopped. you know those moods you get where everything, every little snag seems to set you off, every little inconvenience a slight to your existence and you just want to hit something? Hit it hard? Hit it so hard it regrets ever being in your vicinity in the first place? Seems like our favorite detective is in one of those moods tonight...

Music Utilized:

"Division","Beautty Flow","Dreams Become Reality","The Lift (upbeat)"," Firebrand", & "Mystery Sax" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

SFX found at by Pfranzen and other artists (no changes made)

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