The Facades Of Gods
A 90's Noir Actual Play and Audio Drama Podcast Using The Accelerated Fate System
3 years ago

S1E11 - Approaching the Dark Dwelling

Fate Accelerated Actual Play Noir Drama

Clarence is snapping out of the worst of the haze just in time to not have a damn clue whats going on. While the ladies fill him in, or not, they leave the bright neon light show that is the Club District and approach a very differently hostile environment. Jada has a look around, Clarence and Giselle have a moment alone, and all three disregard the chill running down their spines as they enter Audrey Nurse's residence.

Music Utilized:

"Division", "Intractible","Too Cool","Leaving Home","Long Note Four","Night on the Docks","Babylon" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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